Futurewise is a career guidance and planning programme that supports young people from age 15 to 23 to explore their career aspirations and make informed decisions about their future both in the UK and internationally.

During the last three years of school you have some key decisions to make.

Which subjects will you continue studying for A Level, Highers, IB? What are your options after you leave school? Will you go to university? Or will you look at alternative options and apply for an apprenticeship? How can you build up experience to make you employable?

These choices are not easy. Futurewise can support you to make informed decisions about subjects, routes to higher education, alternative pathways, future employment, and careers.

How can Futurewise help you?

Futurewise provides access to a wealth of support and resources to help you to make informed decisions.

  • Personalised dashboard: Provides quick and easy access to profiling assessments, profile reports and guidance notes, career planner and other online tools.
  • Expert careers and higher education information: Students can research their future options based on trusted information on the TARGETcareers website and save relevant advice on their dashboard.
  • Careers helpline team: Students can contact a team of qualified careers advisers who will research and provide advice on career and subject related questions.
  • Information emails: Students are signposted to relevant advice and guidance to help them keep on track with their research and decision making.
  • FUTUREWISE activities: These activities are designed to help students understand and navigate TARGETcareers Futurewise. Each activity will encourage the progressive use of TARGETcareers Futurewise to support career planning and decision making. Each activity is designed to be used individually.
  • Webinars: Students and parents can book onto a programme of webinars for advice on a variety of topics including navigating the UCAS process and making informed A Level / Scottish Highers / IB subject choices.
  • Employer opportunities: Emails powered by TARGETcareers will keep students up-to-date with school leaver opportunities relevant to their profile.
  • Career events: These events give students the chance to meet with professionals from industry and learn what it is really like to work in their field.
  • Post-school guidance discussion: Students can request a guidance discussion once they have left school if they still need further advice and guidance.

For more information about Futurewise and our tests we use please click here.

Futurewise is available for individuals

If your school does not use the Futurewise career guidance programme you can buy a package of support directly from us. Explore our Futurewise Direct Futurewise Direct programme to discover how we can support you

Contact us to find out more about how Futurewise can support you. 

Without a doubt, the best thing about Inspiring Futures membership is the support I receive from my Regional Director.

Notting Hill and Ealing High School

Our students found the finance career insight day very informative and interesting. Moreover, all of the speakers gave fantastic insights into the ‘world of finance’ through the engaging presentation.

The ‘speed networking’ was great as you could chat to people with experience in their field in a relaxed environment.

Following today, I will definitely look out for any more Inspiring Futures Events and will certainly recommend these events to people as they are a superb way to gain exposure into a specific area of work.

Christian Hutchinson – Rugby School

Future wise allowed me to consider options that I had never previously considered which was great. I really enjoyed the interview process as it showed me some university options that I had never thought about. I really enjoyed the whole experience and thought it was very accurate.

Student, Millfield School