We work in partnership with schools and colleges, both in the UK and internationally, to enhance the careers support provided to students.

We care about making a difference

We believe that equipping young people with career management skills for life is important in helping their journey through school and their success and happiness after school.

We provide tailored solutions through our national and international network of professional careers advisers, well researched information, personal support, links with universities and employers and an in-depth appreciation of what is required of todays young people.

The student journey

Career education programmes in schools and college focus on supporting students to prepare for key transition points. Our services are designed to meet the needs of students at these stages so they can make informed and confident decisions.


Support for school staff

We work closely with the staff responsible for delivering careers and higher education programmes in their schools to help them deliver the very best support for their students. Support includes a unique school membership programme that provides a reassuring extra pair of hands, consultancy and invitations to events to help you keep your knowledge up-to-date.

The Futurewise programme

The mix of support available from the Futurewise programme helps schools to have a stable careers programme while meeting all 8 Gatsby benchmarks. Futurewise helps students to learn about themselves and make informed decisions about subjects, routes to higher education, alternative pathways, future employment, and careers. The mix of support available from the Futurewise programme helps schools meet all 8 Gatsby benchmarks.

The Futurewise programme includes:

  • Psychometric profiling
  • Personal report
  • One-to-one guidance interview
  • FUTUREWISE dashbaord
  • FUTUREWISE activities
  • Degree Explorer tool
  • Careers Helpline Team
  • Career guidance resources
  • Career experience and skills development events

For more information about Futurewise and our tests we use please click here.

How does Futurewise support schools?

We provide flexible and affordable packages for schools.

Futurewise is available in a range of different packages meaning schools can buy the level of provision that they need to support students as part of their CEIAG programme.

Easy for schools to administer

    The Futurewise Management System makes it easy for schools to set up and manage the Futurewise programme. School staff can:

  • Register students.
  • View and manage existing student accounts.
  • Track students’ progress through Futurewise profiling and the Degree Explorer questionnaire.
  • Get instant access to students’ profiling results and guidance notes.
  • View students’ dashboards.
  • Add guidance notes for individual students.

Find out how our services can enhance your school's careers programme and support you to deliver effective career education, information, advice and guidance.

Contact us to find out more about how Inspiring Futures can support your school or college.

Inspiring Futures has provided useful, sound and well researched advice to our international students. They come away from the interview understanding more about their report and what they need to do in the future to achieve their goals and dreams.

Melanie Franklin, Head of ESOL at King's Ely International

This is a great programme for supporting students and parents as a resource and guide to help with career paths. The conference programme offers a wide range of opportunities to learn about the array of pathway options available to young people, helping parents to support their children’s thinking about career choices.


Thank you very much indeed for the full and varied information. It's the first time I have used the careers helpline team and I must say, I'm impressed. 

DLD College, London