Mrs G’s 16 year old son was about to start at a new 6th Form. When faced with the decision as to which A Levels to study, she explains that he had limited his view to those subjects which he was already studying.

“My son started off by just considering the subjects with which he was already familiar, but once he had spoken to the careers specialist at Inspiring Futures, his eyes were opened to new subjects.  He’s consequently taken the decision to study English, History, Philosophy and Economics the latter two of which I don’t think would have entered the fray before signing up to Futurewise. In that respect it has really broadened his view and I know he now feels more confident in the choices he’s made even before he’s started.  Entering a new 6th Form with this confidence can be no bad thing."

In addition to the guidance discussion, students enrolled on the Futurewise programme also complete an online psychometric assessment which threw up some interesting insights as Mrs G explains:     

“I’ve often employed psychometric testing in my professional life but this was closer to home and my son was shocked to find out that he’s more like me than he cares to admit at times!

The Futurewise programme is designed to ensure that young people get the right level of support and information at the key transitional stages of their educational development, and provides on-going support from age 15 to 23. In recognition that not all schools are either able to or choose to provide this to their students, Inspiring Futures decided to make the programme available for parents to purchase individually. Mrs G explains why she made the decision to invest in her son’s careers guidance in this way:

“My son had moved schools and having been aware that his previous school offered this programme, I was keen that he shouldn’t miss out on the guidance that it provides.  He’s benefited already in terms of how it’s guided his A Level decisions and the fact that his membership of Futurewise will last until he’s 23 means that he’ll be able to dip back in to it when he starts to think in more detail about Higher Education options and career choices.” 

Find out how Futurewise can support your son or daughter to make informed confident decisions.

Completing the Futurewise profile was a good and helpful experience for me, it literally opened my eyes to the future. I liked the job suggestions and was impressed with the personality, abilities and interest section too.

Futurewise student

As a result of the Futurewise programme, my daughter feels immeasurably happier and is really enthused, not only about how to spend her gap year, but also about what to do afterwards. I feel the support my daughter has been given was not only professional but totally individual.

Angela Young, Parent