It's a competitive world out there. Young people need to understand the options open to them to help them make the right subject choices and to identify the right path after school to lead them towards a happy and successful career.

As a parent, supporting your teenage son or daughter as they make these key decisions can be challenging. Do you know which subjects will help them get into the career they want? Do you know all the options available to them? Are you aware of the recruitment processes they will need to go through?

Who are Inspiring Futures?

Inspiring Futures has been supporting students (and their parents) for over 70 years. We believe that providing access to high quality information and advice enables young people to make the right choices for their future. Guidance helps them to understand what they need to do next to achieve their personal and career goals.

The Futurewise careers guidance programme is trusted by hundreds of schools to support their students with their personal development, careers exploration and career management.

If your son or daughter's school does not use the Futurewise career guidance programme you can buy a package of support directly from us.

What is Futurewise Direct?

Futurewise supports young people to explore their career aspirations and make informed decisions about subject choices, higher education, apprenticeships and future employment. The programme helps young people between 15 and 19 to:

  • Make decisions on subject choices (A Levels, Highers, IB or equivalent)
  • Understand how their strengths, interests and personality fit together
  • Consider university options & alternatives to higher education

We can also support young people up until the age of 23. Please contact us for further details.

How does Futurewise Direct work?

Futurewise provides a detailed profile report, containing insights into the individual's strengths, motivations, personality and abilities, based on the results of an online psychometric assessment. An impartial guidance discussion with a qualified guidance practitioner gives an opportunity for your son or daughter to explore possible career paths with an impartial expert and to identify their immediate next steps. Continued support is available through a personal web space offering careers support through useful resources and a careers and higher education helpline team. Regular support by email, discounts on Futurewise career insight events and an optional post-school guidance discussion will provide support to your son or daughter at key decision points.

Contact us to find out more about how Futurewise can support your son or daughter. 

Futurewise Career Insight Events

Our career insight events provide the chance for young people to explore a career or subject areas first hand by meeting professionals from industry and learning what it is really like to work in their field. The events are suitable for students in years 11-13 (S4-6 in Scotland) and take place at employer workplaces and top universities.

For more information and the latest calendar of events, visit the Futurewise website.

See Futurewise in action

Completing the Futurewise profile was a good and helpful experience for me, it literally opened my eyes to the future. I liked the job suggestions and was impressed with the personality, abilities and interest section too.

Futurewise student

As a result of the Futurewise programme, my daughter feels immeasurably happier and is really enthused, not only about how to spend her gap year, but also about what to do afterwards. I feel the support my daughter has been given was not only professional but totally individual.

Angela Young, Parent