Developing skills for employment and ensuring young people are prepared for life beyond school is a crucial area of careers education. 

Inspiring Futures delivers a range of group workshops in schools and colleges to help develop these important attributes and skills.

Skills development and enterprise education complements wider careers provision and allows learners to think beyond the classroom and aspire to achieve.

The UK Government and DfE state that students should be recognised for their skills and attributes, as much as their academic results. Key employers are also starting to filter candidates on their skills and attributes first rather than their academic/exam results.

Ensuring students are work ready

Ensuring students are 'work ready' requires a number of activities throughout their education to develop the following skills.


Self awareness, receptiveness, drive, self assurance, resilience, well-informed

Employability skills

Communication skills, leadership, enterprise, team work, networking, goal setting, time management, self-confidence, problem solving, engagement with technology

Job application skills

CV preparation, online applications, interview skills, assessment centes, online job search, social media networking 

How do workshops work?

Group workshops are delivered by experienced trainers using a mix of impactful presentations, information-giving and interactive activities. Workshops can be delivered over lessons, half or full days for up to 150 students.

Popular workshops

Raising Aspirations

Typically delivered for students aged 12–14 years | Years 7–9 / S1-2

This fast-paced workshop raises students’ aspirations, encourages self-belief and increases motivation. Focusing on individual activities, it incorporates five steps to success: self-belief, knowing your abilities, setting goals, making a plan and taking positive action.

Student outcomes

  • Identify individual skills and strengths, hopes and fears.
  • Establish goals and steps needed to achieve them.

Business and enterprise

Typically delivered for students aged 15–16 years | Years 9–11/ S2-4

Working in teams, students will be set challenging tasks throughout the day. They will have to set up a business, assign fictitious roles, create a business plan and pitch their ideas to the group, resulting in a winning team.

Student outcomes

  • Develop leadership, creativity, confidence, teamwork and communication skills.
  • Gain an understanding of business, finance and commercial operations.

The Assessment centre experience & enterprise

Typically delivered for students aged 17–18 years | Years 12–13/ S5-6

This experiential day sees students faced with a mock employer assessment centre. Students will be challenged throughout the day with in-tray exercise, observed group work and interview scenarios, competing against each other for the job. Are they up for the challenge?

Student outcomes

  • Identify different styles of interview questions and how to answer, including competency and motivation questions. Practise an interview and assessment centre, dealing with the unknown and using initiative.
  • Experience group and presentation assessments and understand what recruiters are looking for.
  • Identify (and practise) key employability skills.
  • Develop and evidence working as a team, communication skills, working under pressure, and employability and networking skills.

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Inspiring Futures delivered an excellent half-day enterprise workshop. which fully engaged and entertained the students. A memorable and worthwhile educative experience. Inspiring Futures really listened to what we needed and took my somewhat half formed ideas and created something special for the students.

Head of Careers, ACS Cobham

I really enjoyed how professional my guidance discussion was, as it made me feel more like an adult. It has opened my mind about my future in a positive way.

Student, International School Hilversum

My interview really helped me recognise what options I have when I leave school... and has given me a boost for the future.

Student, Morpeth School