The FUTUREWISE Curriculum is a series of linked modules designed to address student’s key transition stages from Year 7 (P7) to Y10 (S3).

Through teacher led discussion with optional careers guidance support, students will explore the value of curriculum subjects, job families, subject choices and employability skills. Each module uses scenario based learning with a combination of lesson plans, multimedia content and interactive workshops that will enhance curriculum learning. Each module is comprised of three steps which are detailed below; introduction, workshop, and reflection. Each session is made up of various activities that can be completed as one full lesson or can be broken up into smaller sized lessons depending on lesson time and availability. All materials are provided via USB.

Introduction (Approx. 30-45 minutes)

Through teacher led discussion, students will be introduced to the Futurewise Curriculum topic and what will be learned through activities and class discussion.

Workshop (Approx. 2.5-3 hours)

This is an extended session that is composed of individual and group hands-on activities to explore the curriculum topic in detail. Inspiring Futures staff can be brought in to lead this workshop.

Inspiring Futures led workshop is available at an additional cost.

Reflection (Approx. 30-45 minutes)

This interactive session will recap on what students have learned throughout the process.

Futurewise Thinking Ahead

Recommended for Y6–Y7 (P7)

This is ideal for students as they transition into secondary school, Thinking Ahead will help students explore the value of different curriculum subjects and build their understanding of the education system through various interactive, scenario-based workshops. Students will be asked to imagine an Alien has landed on Earth where they have to explain why we go to school and why do we study all these different subjects.

Futurewise Self-Awareness

Recommended for Y7–Y8 (P7–S1)

Self-Awareness will introduce students to the concept of job families. Students will imagine they have been stranded on a deserted island – first identifying the key jobs they need to survive and exploring how these roles would evolve to build a functioning society. The activities completed throughout the programme will help students develop their self-awareness, explore careers and challenge job stereotypes.

Futurewise Exploration

Recommended for Y8–Y9 (S1–S2)

*Please note: schools must have Career Investigator licence to complete Futurewise: Exploration

Exploration is designed to help students make informed subject choices through a combination of interactive activities and the online Career Investigator profile. Students will learn to understand that the subject choices they make at school will start to shape their career choices for the future. Students will explore the wide number of careers associated within the sports industry and debate the links between subject choices, skills and careers.

Futurewise Employability

Recommended for Y9–Y10 (S2–S3)

This programme is an ideal tool to introduce the importance of employability skills. Students will define the meaning and purpose of the ten employability skills that employers demand. Through practical activities, based on a superhero scenario, students will have a better understanding of their abilities by exercising these key skills and the importance of transferable skills.

The Futurewise curriculum is carefully designed to meet the Gatsby Benchmarks. For more information, please refer to our brochure attached on the left hand side of the page.

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Future wise allowed me to consider options that I had never previously considered which was great. I really enjoyed the interview process as it showed me some university options that I had never thought about. I really enjoyed the whole experience and thought it was very accurate.

Student, Millfield School

Inspiring Futures has provided useful, sound and well researched advice to our international students. They come away from the interview understanding more about their report and what they need to do in the future to achieve their goals and dreams.

Melanie Franklin, Head of ESOL at King's Ely International

It has been really useful to use our IF membership days for mock interviews and provide Oakhamians with independent career guidance.

Pippa Gibbs, Head of Careers and Higher Education at Oakham School