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FUTUREWISE is a career guidance and planning programme that supports young people from age 15 to 23 through their school to explore their career aspirations and make informed decisions about their future both in the UK and Europe.

How does FUTUREWISE work?

FUTUREWISE helps students to learn about themselves and make informed decisions about subjects, routes to higher education, alternative pathways, future employment, and careers. Ultimately, helping them to build towards their goals.

FUTUREWISE has teamed up with TARGETcareers, whose mission is to help young people make choices about their future by providing expert information and advice on the range of career possibilities available. Together, we can offer over a 100 years’ experience of supporting students through their career journey from subject choices to their chosen career path.

You can find FUTUREWISE on www.targetcareers.co.uk

FUTUREWISE programme includes

  • Psychometric profiling: FUTUREWISE begins with psychometric profiling; designed to identify abilities, aptitudes, personality traits and interests. Students of all academic abilities are able to complete the online assessments.
  • Personal report: following profiling students receive a detailed report. The results are presented in a series of graphs, tables and easy-to-read reports. The report concludes by identifying a number of career paths based upon the students' profile results.
  • Guidance interview: FUTUREWISE members receive an interview with a level 6 qualified career adviser to discuss their profile report and academic and vocational aspirations. During this guidance interview, students have the opportunity to talk through the outcomes and identify their next steps, actions and research.
  • FUTUREWISE dashboard: provides students with an excellent opportunity to further explore their report results, research universities, higher education and career options. The personalised student web pages have many interactive tools including a personal statement builder career planner.
  • FUTUREWISE activities: These activities are designed to help students understand and navigate TARGETcareers FUTUREWISE. Each activity will encourage the progressive use of TARGETcareers FUTUREWISE to support career planning and decision making. Each activity is designed to be used individually, in tutorials or in careers/PSHE lessons.
  • Degree Explorer: the online questionnaire will help students explore the subjects they are interested in and narrow down their degree course choices. Once they have a final list they can read more about the courses and the careers they can lead to and/or link directly to our university search tool.
  • Careers Helpline Team: FUTUREWISE offers a professional information, advice and guidance helpline to students, schools and parents who have career enquiries.
  • Career guidance resources: FUTUREWISE students will have access to up-to-date careers and higher education content developed by a dedicated team. Such as subject guides, alternatives to university, making the most of work experience, how to prepare for interviews and assessment centres and many more!
  • Career Insight events: FUTUREWISE students will have direct access to employers through career insight events, internships as well as information about apprenticeship and school leaver schemes. Discounts are available for FUTUREWISE students.

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  • Futurewise

    My Futurewise profile is about me today; the careers discussion afterwards was about me tomorrow.

    FUTUREWISE Student

    Inspiring Futures delivered an excellent half-day enterprise workshop. which fully engaged and entertained the students. A memorable and worthwhile educative experience. Inspiring Futures really listened to what we needed and took my somewhat half formed ideas and created something special for the students.

    Head of Careers, ACS Cobham

    Our students found the finance career insight day very informative and interesting. Moreover, all of the speakers gave fantastic insights into the ‘world of finance’ through the engaging presentation.

    The ‘speed networking’ was great as you could chat to people with experience in their field in a relaxed environment.

    Following today, I will definitely look out for any more Inspiring Futures Events and will certainly recommend these events to people as they are a superb way to gain exposure into a specific area of work.

    Christian Hutchinson – Rugby School