In an increasingly competitive economy, students need to stand out from the crowd. Expert career guidance can help them do this.

​The Futurewise programme provides comprehensive and progressive career guidance to support young people from the summer term of Year 10 (S3) to explore their career aspirations. Futurewise helps students to make informed decisions about subjects, routes to higher education, alternative pathways, future employment and careers.

Futurewise supports students to:

  • Develop a clear understanding of their abilities and interests in relation to future careers
  • Understand how their personality style will fit into the work place and what type of work might suit them
  • Get started on a career path to achieve their future goals
  • Research their future options with trusted and accurate information
  • Gain impartial and objective advice when making important decision about their future
  • Make confident decisions on subject choices and post-school options.

How does Futurewise work?

Futurewise considers the longer term view with the student (not simply the next academic choices) and allows them to build towards their goals. It provides on-going support from age 15 to 23 which starts with a series of online psychometric assessments and interest and personality questionnaires developed in line with the latest thinking. This is then followed by a detailed profile report, an impartial guidance discussion with a professionally qualified (to QCF level 6/SCQF level 11 or equivalent) IAG adviser and access to Futurewise membership benefits – all helping young people make informed decisions about subjects and qualifications, routes to higher education, courses and institutions, alternative pathways, potential employment and careers.

Schools value the flexibility and ongoing support of Futurewise

Online profiling is easy to manage

The online system is easy for set up to meet the needs of individual students. School staff can track students' progress and get instant access to their results. Support is provided throughout profiling to guide schools through the process.

Prepares students for prepare for their next steps

The psychometric assessments used in Futurewise are similar to those used by leading universities and graduate recruiters. The psychometric assessments look beyond just academic achievements to the skills needed in the workplace to form an invaluable tool to support career guidance programmes.

Quality, impartial guidance

Students are supported to make informed decisions about post-16 and post-18 options based on impartial advice from professionally qualified careers consultants. Documented action plans are provided to the school to record to guidance provided.

Engages parents

The Futurewise programme engages and helps educate parents, who are known to be a key influencer in their child's decision making.

Futurewise can be built seamlessly into the school's curriculum

Modular lesson plans focus on exploring next steps to make it easy to build Futurewise into the school's CEIAG programme. Interactive workshops are also available to encourage students to focus on specific areas of their profile report.

Schools know the impact of Futurewise

Schools are provided with an impact report to demonstrate the outcomes of the programme on students.

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Watch Futurewise in action

I really enjoyed how professional my guidance discussion was, as it made me feel more like an adult. It has opened my mind about my future in a positive way.

Student, International School Hilversum

Completing the Futurewise profile was a good and helpful experience for me, it literally opened my eyes to the future. I liked the job suggestions and was impressed with the personality, abilities and interest section too.

Futurewise student

I liked the ability to discuss my options with people outside my family and circle, and being able to use their opinions as well.

Student, Strathallan School