The Career Investigator is a simple yet effective, way for students to start understanding how their interests, strengths and values relate to careers and the world of work.

What is Career Investigator?

Students complete a simple online career interest questionnaire that will support them to make decisions about their 13+ 16+ subject choices or alternative pathways. Student’s responses are analysed to provide an accurate picture of how their interests, skills and values relate to six easy-to-understand career themes providing a starting point for students to explore that world of work.

The suggested career themes, based upon the Holland’s theory of choice, reflect the working environment that best fits that student’s interests. It is important to encourage students to study subjects and to work in an environment similar to their interests as they are more likely to be successful and satisfied.

How does the Career Investigator work?

After a quick sign up, student complete an online questionnaire that takes about 20 minutes to complete and focuses on identifying their interests, strengths and values.

Once the questionnaire is complete, each student will be sent an Individual Student Report.

The student will receive careers suggestions divided up into the 6 different career themes. The themes are ordered in relation to which area suits them the most.

Students are provided with worksheets for their top 3 career themes including at least four job families with example jobs.

The report is full of links to online careers information for further research. The reports encourage research into potential careers, containing links to careers libraries and a range of online resources for further information.

Career Investigator working within the school

The career investigator is a simple careers tool for schools to self-administer and manage. It is available as an annual licence and can be used with an infinite number of students.

  • The school will receive an individual administrator report per student. This provides additional analysis of each student’s profile which can be valuable when providing further support to individual students.
  • A series of lesson plans are provided with the Career Investigator programme. The lesson plans can be delivered by teachers without specific careers knowledge and are modular so they can fit into the school curriculum.
  • Introduction to the Career Investigator.
  • Understanding Career Interests - two modules containing activities to encourage students to engage with their report and to reflect on their results.

Taking Career Investigator further

Futurewise Curriculum: Exploration

To further enhance Career Investigator, we offer Futurewise Exploration catered for students Y8-9/S2-3. It is a structured off-the-shelf programme made up of distinct modules that use a mix of lesson plans with multimedia content and interactive workshops as part of a three step programme. Futurewise Exploration is designed to help students make informed subject choices through a combination of interactive activities and the online Career Investigator profile. Students will learn to understand that the subject choices they make at school will start to shape their career choices for the future. Students will explore the wide number of careers associated with the sports industry and debate the links between subject choices, skills and careers.

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Completing the Futurewise profile was a good and helpful experience for me, it literally opened my eyes to the future. I liked the job suggestions and was impressed with the personality, abilities and interest section too.

Futurewise student

My daughter enjoyed her guidance session and was happy to receive a detailed report. She was also happy with the outcomes and pointers about Futurewise website that will help her when considering future choices.

Parent, FUTUREWISE Direct

Inspiring Futures delivered an excellent half-day enterprise workshop. which fully engaged and entertained the students. A memorable and worthwhile educative experience. Inspiring Futures really listened to what we needed and took my somewhat half formed ideas and created something special for the students.

Head of Careers, ACS Cobham