A simple and effective way to help young people to understand how their interests, strengths and values relate to careers and the world of work.

The Career Investigator has been developed in partnership with Team Focus, a leading educational and occupational psychology company. It is a simple programme that is ideal for students in the first stages of careers exploration. The programme is used by hundreds of schools to support students aged 12 – 14 as they start to make decisions about their options choices for GCSE, National 4 and 5 or equivalent qualifications.

How does Career Investigator work?

  • Students use an online questionnaire to answer a series of questions and in return, they receive an accurate picture of how their interests, skills and values match to six easy-to-understand career themes. The whole process takes 20 minutes.
  • Each student receives a personal Career Investigator profile report (PDF) providing lots of information about their personality, their interests, and broad career themes that match them.
  • The report explains more about each career theme and includes at least four job families with example jobs (with online links students can click on to explore different jobs.)
  • An adviser report provides additional analysis of each student’s profile (provided to a specified e-mail account).
  • Teaching staff receive a series of lesson plans that can be delivered to encourage students to engage with their report and reflect on their results.

Taking Career Investigator further

Futurewise Curriculum: Exploration

To further enhance Career Investigator, we offer Futurewise Exploration catered for students Y8-9/S2-3. It is a structured off-the-shelf programme made up of distinct modules that use a mix of lesson plans with multimedia content and interactive workshops as part of a three step programme. Futurewise Exploration is designed to help students make informed subject choices through a combination of interactive activities and the online Career Investigator profile. Students will learn to understand that the subject choices they make at school will start to shape their career choices for the future. Students will explore the wide number of careers associated with the sports industry and debate the links between subject choices, skills and careers.

What do schools like about Career Investigator?

  • It’s ideal for the early stages of career exploration as it’s not trying to do everything for all age groups and it links directly job information on the internet.
  • It helps raise self awareness - students will start to understand their interests, strengths and values better, and how they might fit with the world of work.
  • The student report supports discussions with school staff and parents about option choices.
  • Students need just 20 minutes to complete the online questionnaire and receive their personal Career Investigator workbook.
  • Follow-on lesson plans can save school staff time as follow-on lesson plans are provided as part of the annual licence fee.

What do students say?

  • It showed me all the different categories there are and opened my mind up to different options.
  • Very helpful for picking my subjects next year.
  • It was easy and fun.
  • It was very easy to use and the results were very well laid out.
  • I liked that it gave us a lot of detail at the end about careers and what we could do in the future. I also like that it says what we’d be best at, what we are most interested in etc.

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I liked the ability to discuss my options with people outside my family and circle, and being able to use their opinions as well.

Student, Strathallan School

My interview really helped me recognise what options I have when I leave school... and has given me a boost for the future.

Student, Morpeth School

The depth and breadth of knowledge that the Inspiring Futures Team possesses is second to none.

Jumeirah College, Dubai