The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) | 2 Savoy Place | WC2R 0BL London | United Kingdom Friday, 10 May 2019, 09:00 to 16:00

Research shows ALL young people – regardless of their social background or academic attainment – are more susceptible than ever to the pressures of modern life. Whether this takes the form of exam stress, bullying (on and off line), inappropriate peer pressure or the ever-present impact of social media, students in schools and colleges are particularly vulnerable. While we cannot be responsible for the challenges in the wider society, there are many practical things that can be done within school that can make a huge difference.

One of these is support for Career and Skills Development. There is an increasing, and international, evidence base that shows that pupils that have a clearer idea of themselves and the options that lie ahead of them, are more motivated, more purposeful and less prone to mental health issues than those who sleepwalk through school assuming that ‘something will turn up’!

The IF Annual Conference 2019 brings together speakers and experts at the forefront of innovation and change in the UK school and higher education sector who will inform, enlighten and offer practical advice on responding to the contemporary risk factors of modern society.

I look forward to seeing you in May 2019

Sarah Frend

Executive Director, Inspiring Futures

Speaker Information:
  • Dame Julia Cleverdon - formerly Chair of Teach First and CEO of BITC
  • Alessandro Ferretti – MD Equilibria Health – a leading nutrition educationalist focussing on the impact of food on performance and health
  • Nick Hillman - CEO of the Higher Education Policy Institute
  • Matt Hyde - CEO of The Scouts
  • Eve Jardine-Young - Principal of Cheltenham Ladies College
  • Jovita Leung - Cognitive Neuroscientist from UCL
  • Christopher Ramsey - Head of Whitgift School and Chair of the HMC and GSA Joint Committee on Universities
  • Kate Richards - Chief Inspector ISI
  • Dr Peter Robertson - Career Development lecturer and Associate Professor in Applied Psychology at Edinburgh Napier University
  • Sir Anthony Seldon - Vice Chancellor of the University of Buckingham and formerly Head of Wellington College
  • Dr Aric Sigman - Writer, Lecturer and Broadcaster in PSHE – particularly on the impact of the internet

And that’s not all – we are still waiting for a couple of other top educationalists to join this inspiring list!


We will have a small exhibition with exhibitor names to follow

Why attend?

This conference will focus on preventative strategies that schools and colleges can use to influence their ethos, curriculum and policies to the benefit of ALL young people.

 ‘Career Development, Mental Health and Wellbeing – strategies to support young people in schools and colleges’