Area Director

Emma-Marie Fry

Area Director, London & South East

Emma has 15 years' experience of Careers Guidance and Careers Education within schools, colleges and higher education. She has also worked in IT and Television. As a qualified guidance practitioner, Emma has worked with undergraduates and postgraduates in a range of university faculties, as well as managing teams within the field of Careers Guidance. Emma has a degree in Anthropology and History and a Postgraduate Diploma in Careers Guidance joining Inspiring Futures in 2010.

Regional Directors

Elizabeth Armstrong

Regional Director, Sussex and Kent

Elizabeth worked as a careers adviser for the Connexions Service, working across schools and colleges in Luton and Bedfordshire and as the Head of Careers in a secondary school and Sixth Form in Bedford. This job involved many tasks including interviews, group work and presentations (regularly to year groups of around 240 students). Elizabeth has a degree in Psychology and a Postgraduate Diploma in Careers Guidance and joined Inspiring Futures in 2013.

Helen Barham

Regional Director, North London and Hertfordshire

Helen has worked with young people as a careers advisor for the Careers Service, as a Lead Personal Advisor for Connexions and a Higher Education Advisor for a sixth form in West London. She has also worked with adults as a Careers Advisor for the National Careers Service and as an Outplacement Consultant for Right Management Consultants where she delivered employability workshops. She has a Humanities Degree, a Master’s degree in occupational psychology and a Postgraduate Diploma in Careers Guidance. Helen joined Inspiring Futures in 2009.

Assistant Regional Directors

Anna Jones

Assistant Regional Director, Sussex

Anna has worked as a freelance careers adviser in Kent. She has also worked as a journalist and producer for the BBC World Service for 15 years and spent 5 years in West Africa working for the United Nations humanitarian news agency. Anna has a Post Graduate Diploma in Careers Guidance and a degree in languages and joined Inspiring Futures in 2014.

Marilyn Hawkswell

Assistant Regional Director

Marilyn worked at Prior’s Field School in Godalming for 16 years, teaching - ICT and Business Skills. During her time there, she was also Head of Careers for six years, and for her last 2 years she was the Head of Sixth Form. The careers and HE side of her role was always her favourite, so she decided to join Inspiring Futures, initially for one year as a Regional Adviser, and then for the last 5 years as a Regional Director.  Marilyn has decided to cut back her work commitments, and is now going to continue working for Inspiring Futures as a Regional Adviser.

Regional Advisers

Alexandra Holmes

Regional Adviser

Alexandra has 20 years’ experience of working in the media and communication sectors. She was responsible for leading strategic projects including leadership development and employee engagement in a wide range of organisations from start-up not-for-profits through to global corporations.  Alexandra has a degree in Phytotherapy and is currently completing a Postgraduate Diploma in Career Guidance, joining Inspiring Futures in 2016.

Alison de Winter

Regional Adviser

Alison started her career in retail management but when on to complete her PGCE in Education focusing on Careers Education. Alison has been connected with Inspiring Futures for over 25 years in her capacity as Head of Careers at two member schools. Alison has a Degree in History at Liverpool University and joined Inspiring Futures in 2013.

Amanda Spurrier

Regional Adviser

After graduating Amanda worked as a Chartered Librarian in industry. Changing career, she obtained the Diploma in Careers Guidance and has over 25 years of experience providing careers guidance in schools, further and higher education settings including co-ordinating IAG services and UCAS Apply in two colleges. Amanda has an Applying to Higher Education: Adviser’s Certificate. Previously a Regional Director with Inspiring Futures, Amanda re-joined Inspiring Futures in 2014.

Bridget Wells

Regional Adviser

After twenty years’ in Human Resources, where she specialised in graduate recruitment and training, Bridget has worked as a Careers Advisor in schools, Colleges and in Higher Education. She has a Degree in Business and holds Post Graduate Diplomas in Personnel and Development and Careers Guidance and joined Inspiring Futures in 2010.

Carol Rogers

Regional Adviser

Carol has more than 20 years’ experience as a Careers Adviser working initially for various local authority services. Carol also worked for the Open University as a Careers Adviser, working mainly with mature students, course choice and summer school events. She has worked for an Adult Learning and Advice Centre, an Adult Guidance and Psychometric Testing Centre and for two London education business partnerships. Carol initially trained as a secondary school teacher, but went on to take the Diploma in Careers Guidance and started working with Inspiring Futures in 2011.

Caroline Robinson

Regional Adviser

Caroline works as a careers adviser for MyBigCareer, a careers guidance charity working with sixth-form students in schools across Hackney and Tower Hamlets. She is also a Next Steps mentor on the Prince's Trust Explore Enterprise programme. She has a degree in History of Art and a Postgraduate Diploma in Careers Guidance. Caroline joined Inspiring Futures in 2015.

Corinne Holden

Regional Adviser

Corinne has been working in the careers education sector for the past 8 years, working in schools and academies in Sussex. She is a mentor for East Sussex County Council for students studying careers qualifications.  She is involved in school staff training, guidance interviews, group sessions and runs assemblies regularly for whole year groups. Postgraduate Diploma in Careers Guidance and joined Inspiring Futures in 2014. 

Dilys Howllett

Regional Adviser

Dilys has worked for many years in colleges and schools in the London area, both in the state and private sector. She has also worked with adults at the Open University and through the National Careers Service, and feels her experiences suit her best to working with the "older and abler" groups. Along the way, she has had many "life experience" jobs from running academic conferences to running holiday play schemes. Dilys is a History graduate and has a Post Graduate Diploma in Career Guidance and joined Inspiring Futures in 2011.

Helen Davison

Regional Adviser

Helen's career began as a teacher of English and Drama in secondary schools. She then went on to teach in a regional hospital which specialised in the rehabilitation of burns victims. Her responsibility was to coordinate the education of all school age patients. Helen has the British Psychological Society qualification in Psychometric testing and a Post Graduate Diploma in Careers Guidance. After working for two local Careers Companies Helen joined Inspiring Futures as Regional Director in Sussex, Kent and the Channel Islands in 1997 and is now working as a Regional Adviser.

Helen Lewis

Regional Adviser

Helen decided to retrain after a period as a work experience co-ordinator for schools in North London. Prior to that she had a media career during which she worked as a journalist and later as a Public Relations consultant with clients including the Disney organisation and Heathrow Airport. After completing her Post Graduate Diploma in Careers Guidance Helen joined Inspiring Futures in 2014.

Kay Saddal

Regional Adviser

Kay has more than 20 years’ experience as a qualified Careers Adviser working in a variety of schools and FE colleges with Local Authorities and Connexions. Kay worked in an independent school for girls for 10 years; planning, organising and delivering all aspects of Careers Education and Guidance including work experience, enterprise education, UCAS and careers policy/programme. She was also involved in achieving a Careermark award for the school. Kay has a Postgraduate Diploma in Careers Education & Guidance and joined Inspiring Futures in 2015.

Liz Taylor

Regional Adviser

Early in Liz’s career she specialised in graduate recruitment and training for the accountancy profession, advising students on application and entry routes, visiting and speaking at universities. A change of direction to follow an interest in environmental issues led her to work in conservation education, and during a career break to bring up her family, to set up and manage an award-winning Farmers’ Market. She has a degree in Geography, an MSc in Environmental Policy and is also a Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. More recently, after 3 years supporting students with SEN at a Land Based FE College, she achieved the Level 7 Qualification in Career Guidance at Canterbury Christ Church University in 2017, also joining Inspiring Futures in 2017.

Mick Melbourne

Regional Adviser

Mick achieved his Post Graduate Diploma in Careers Guidance in 1986 and worked for Barnet Council Careers Service as it evolved into Connexions. He worked with all age groups across schools and colleges, including a 10 year stint as a Special Needs Careers Adviser. He transferred to Hertfordshire in 2000 before joining Inspiring Futures in 2003.

Pat Rosser

Regional Adviser

Pat Rosser is a professional Careers Adviser with 19 years’ experience of helping young people and adults with career decisions. She regularly delivers interviews and group work for Inspiring Futures, and other organisations including National Careers Service, Kent County Council and private clients. Pat is fully qualified to deliver psychometric tests and has 16 years’ experience delivering the Morrisby profile. Pat has a Diploma in Careers Guidance and is Level A trained in the administration and interpretation of psychometric testing joining Inspiring Futures in 2013.

Sally Tyler

Regional Adviser

Sally began her corporate career at Unilever in Human Resources Management.  As well as heading up recruitment for the organisation’s research facility, she has also led graduate development programmes and managed skills and talent projects across the business. Since moving abroad and raising a family, she returned to the UK in 2010 and re-directed her skills towards the career guidance sector.  Most recently Sally has been working with both adults and students to help them explore their career choices. Sally has a degree in History and Postgraduate Diploma in Careers Guidance joining Inspiring Futures in 2016. 

Sarit Bloom

Regional Adviser

Sarit has 16 years’ experience of Careers Guidance and Careers Education in schools, colleges and working with adults. She worked as a Careers Adviser, Head of Careers for a Secondary school, again as a Careers Adviser, this time for Herts Careers Services and for Connexions, working within schools and colleges and with young adults. Before becoming a Careers Adviser, Sarit was a teacher and a tutor in a secondary school. She has a degree in English & American Literature, a Master’s degree in Education and a Postgraduate Diploma in Careers Guidance joining Inspiring Futures in 2009. 

Terry Davy Young

Regional Adviser

Terry has worked for over 30 years as a Careers Adviser, Work Experience Co-ordinator, Staff Trainer and Careers Education Co-ordinator. More recently she has been employed in Colleges and was Head of Student Support in Tower Hamlets College, which included post-16 Careers, pre-entry course advice and guidance, admissions, HE progression and student hardship and bursaries. She has supported probationers in the past and is currently working towards the A1 Assessor award. Terry has a Masters Degree in British Social History and a Postgraduate Diploma in Careers Guidance, joining Inspiring Futures in 2015.

Zahra Carnochan

Regional Adviser

Zahra has worked extensively with information, advice and guidance and education liaison projects through the University of Hertfordshire, Connexions and Springboard UK. She also has experience of working in Recruitment and Human Resources. Zahra is a graduate and holds the Postgraduate Diploma in Careers Guidance and CMI Level 5 Certificate in Management Coaching and Mentoring, joining Inspiring Futures in 2015.